Friday, February 23, 2007

The QM II and QE II.

It was a historic event on Wednesday. The Queen Mary II and Queen Elizabeth II cruise liners pulled into Sydney Harbour.

Apparently, the Queen Mary II is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cruise liner in the world. It was so big that it could not be moored in Cirqular Quay. This big mama costs around $1,000,000,000! That’s right. Nine zeros!

I went down on my lunch break with a few colleagues to catch a glimpse. There were so many people around trying to get to a good vantage point at Mrs. Macquarie's Chair that it created a buzz of excitement in the air.

Traffic jams went well into the evening as people from all around Sydney went down to the harbour to take in the sight. It was only there for a day which explained the frenzy.

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The Queen Elizabeth II came in the evening.

As the QM II left the harbour bound for Hong Kong, people could see both cruisers side by side around 6.30 pm. I missed it but judging from the pictures in the papers, it was magnificent.

I checked out the QE II the following day on my lunch break. It was moored in Cirqular Quay which is like 5 minutes on foot from work.

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I've never given it a second thought but the quay's really spectacular. On the left, there’s the bridge which I cross every working day…

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To my right, there’s the ‘Toaster’ which is an expensive piece of real estate where the rich resides…

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and of course, the Opera House further up…

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While I was there, I can’t help but realise how fortunate I am to have such beautiful landscapes just a few minutes walk away. I’ve got to admit that I’ve been taking these incredible architectures for granted too long. Having worked in the city my entire career, I think I've only been up to the quay during lunch times like twice.


People from all over the world would travel thousands of miles to see these structures in person and I used to be like, ‘Mehhh, boooooring’.

Maybe it's age related. Blast this growing old thing. It sucks! I think as I grow older, I get more sentimental about stuff. It's either that or my body's outta' whack and I'm pumping out estrogen instead of testosterone.

Hold me. I'm vulnerable.


the witch's broo said...

no no, flaminglambo, it is not age related.
you know how it is, when you see something everyday, you just don't see what others do.
all i can say is Wow! damn nice pix of a damn nice place.

Take Care...

Cocka Doodle said...

What's that giant barnacle doing there? Oops! That's the Opera House! Guess my low-farr eyesight is failing me too. LOL

flaminglambo said...

broo - yeah, sure made me think about appreciating the little things more.

cocka - thanks for gracing me with your highness. love your hamsap blog. LOL!

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