Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Subtle racism.

We had a couple of groups of people come by last weekend to inspect our humble abode that is being put up for lease.

I got a call later in the day from the agents that both of them have put in applications for the place. The applications provide some information for the agents to do background checks (current salary, occupation, current residence, etc.). It give us a rough idea of what they're like and whether they can pay their rent.

A couple of days later, I received news that one of them was a suitable candidate and wanted to sign a long term lease. I was curious to know which one so I started describing members of the parties instead of their races. Y'know, being politically correct and all that. Then, out from left field, the agent said that it wasn't the "Indian" family but the "Australian" one. It caught me by surprise but after we finished the conversation, I sat there for a few minutes thinking to myself, "why are white people automatically Australians and people of colour branded as immigrants even if they're born here?"

I mean, it must be a common assumption amongst the white community of Australia to automatically assume that they are the race that owns the right to be called Australians. From the Prime Minister of Australia (read previous post dated 30.1.07) to my dear old agent. It just goes to show what some of them are really thinking. Assimilation? Integration? Yeah, fancy words that are being bandied around by the government and "Australians". Like it's entirely the immigrant's fault. How about ACCEPTANCE?

Oh well! At least the laws aren't as discriminatory as Malaysia...


zewt said...

Yeah, I know aussie can be quite racist. But then, they don't have quota here and there. And their laws recognise no one... so it's still much much better than here.

the witch's broo said...


that sucks, man...
racism's everywhere...comes in different forms..

take care

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