Friday, May 25, 2007

Fashion Police

I frequent every few days or so. It's basically a forum on the local streetwear scene in Malaysia. I might be old but I'm still young at heart ya' know?

Anyway, a member called vioxx21 who is in the UK posted this:

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"I was on my way out from the underground...
Then i was pushed to the wall by the police...
My body and backpack were checked...
Fuxx them...."
"B'coz of the 'fuck' word on the tee, i was fined £80 by police....So be careful next time u wear a tee with the word..."

I wouldn't have found it surprising if it happened in a country like Malaysia but in the UK?

What next? Fines for obese women wearing a mid-rift top and a mini skirt ala Britney Spears (pre-kids) for causing mental and visual distress?

Actually, that ain't half bad but gimme a break.

This is exactly what will happen if the police gets too much power.

Maybe the cops over there are not just getting jittery over backpacks being carried by people of middle-eastern appearance in their subways but apparently their heads are so screwed up at the moment, provocative tee shirts are also a no-no too. If they're concerned about the kids, tell me, how often do we see Wayne Rooney cuss when we watch him play?

I can almost hear Tony Blair saying that the terrorists will not change their way of life like it was yesterday. The fact of the matter is, it has. People in the UK and the US don't look at people of middle-eastern appearances or people that come from a Muslim country the same anymore. The uneducated even think Islam is evil.

Just yesterday, that feral of a woman, Pauline Hanson announced that she's forming a new political party called United Australia Party in the hope to win a Senate spot at the next election. One of the policies that she is pushing - limit the immigration of Muslims into Australia.

It'll be interesting to see how she goes and it'll be interesting to see how the police handle their new found power when the APEC meeting rolls into town in a few months. I work smack-bang in the middle of the proposed restricted zone, close to where the meeting will be held and the cops will have the power to search ANYONE and refuse entry into the zone.

Hope they refuse my entry on a work day.

Monday, May 21, 2007


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So, we were on our jolly way to work this morning when we were met with a small traffic jam heading towards the main junction joining the highway. Instinctively, the missus gave me 'the finger' - no, not that one - but one which signaled me to turn left at the next street to avoid the traffic using a shortcut that we've recently found.

Shortly after the left turn, I had to chuck a right which would put me parallel to the traffic stricken street that I was on moments ago.

Ahhhh...a free run.

About 3 seconds into it, a pig dressed as a cop hopped out of his doughnut-mobile, waddled into the middle of the road and gave me 'the finger' - no, not that one - but the one that signaled me to pull over.

I did.

The talking pig informed me that I made an illegal right turn. I told him that I didn't know because it made no sense that I couldn't turn right into a street in the middle of a housing area. He said that there was a sign and asked me for my license to which I complied.

Got done for $179. PHARK!!!

Damn pig and his sign. Why even bother giving these fools in the traffic division guns when they're not doing real police work? If the government really want to curb speeding or other petty traffic violations, they should consider arming the traffic division with a tight leather mini-skirt and a 'Stop' sign. You can be darn sure that us motorist will slow down to take a closer look.

Stupid pig deserves 'the finger' - yes, that one!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

There's a bun in the oven.

Just a quickie (pun fully intended)...

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weekend #17, 2007.

Some snaps of the weekend. A little late but nonetheless...

Saturday morning:

Running and gunning with the boyz at 9 a.m. I felt really lethargic. I used to ball at night and I feel that my energy level's way better at night. Played ok though. At least I didn't get a black eye this time. Copped an elbow right in the left eye socket a few weeks back. By Tuesday, it was a real shiner. It looked like I got into a bar fight or something. I told my wife that if anybody asked, I was gonna' tell them I'm a victim of domestic abuse.

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Saturday arvo:

Walked passed a pet shop and saw some Pugs! We used to own one until somebody dog-napped Happy. They're a cute breed. Clumsy and silly but that's part of their charm. The black one looked really purrrrty.

How much is that doggy in the window?

AU$2,000 (RM$5,700)!!!

Nuts, considering Happy only cost us like RM$800 (AU$280). Their lame ass reason - it's a pure breed.

What are they? Nazis?

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Went to my first baptism. My cousin was getting baptised and I am honoured that she invited us.

The first thing that struck my wife and I were the colour of the gowns they(the people that were to be baptised) were wearing. We thought that black doesn't quite reflect the mood of joy or celebration and my wife was telling me that the ones that she's been to, they were all wearing white. Then, I saw this...

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Ok, maybe black is the most appropriate colour seeing that Asians are more conservative. Don't want it looking like a wet tee shirt contest now do we?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day mayday.

I like to drive bare-footed. Ok, maybe not bare-footed, but without shoes.

I did the same things I normally do on a work morning. Get dressed and drive to work. But today, when I got to the car park at my wife's workplace, I realised I forgot to put my shoes in the car!

To find that out after driving 40 minutes in peak hour traffic really pissed me off. At first, the feeling of disbelief came over me. "Did I really? I couldn't have", I thought to myself over and over again. I searched the whole car for them but nothing. The doofus that I am really did forget them this morning. I contemplated buying another pair close-by but the shops wouldn't be open for at least another couple of hours.

Feeling dejected, I had no choice but to go home and get the blasted shoes. I wouldn't have made a big fuss about it if I didn't have to endure a round trip of peak hour traffic!

2 hours folks. 2 friggin' hours in peak hour traffic this morning!

To the environmentally conscious, I drive a Low Emission Vehicle so, I don't think I contributed to any spike in the pollution index this morning but the amount of profanities emitted made DMX look like a choir boy.

What a morning...
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