Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year that was.

On the eve of a new year, it would be just plain ungrateful to let Lady 08 go without reflecting on some of the lessons learned and the fantastic moments that were experienced.

Two thousand and eight started off on an extreme high with the birth of our little girl. She has grown so much and given us so many happy and memorable moments with all her first experiences. Her first word, her first smile, her first tooth, all of which were very special to us and makes us appreciate both the simplicity of life and the fragility of it.

It was a year when the Pope rolled into town in the Pope mobile for World Youth Day, the year China wowed me with the first opening ceremony I did not fall asleep on and the year, THE man, Barack Obama, became the President of the US of A. All these events helped spice the year up and gave it the added 'oomph'.

Heading down the final stretch, things were a little disappointing for me but I think the lessons that I take away from it were more invaluable than the ill feelings that I felt.

It was of course the worst year in the history of the local stock market. A staggering 41% loss in value with more bad news ahead. It made a lot of people realise their greed and that good times always come to an end.

Career wise, my resignation brought out the true colours of some people I treated more than just my colleagues but my friends. I guess some people really do wear a mask when they go to work. Imagine asking a close colleague at work for the security pass to the wash room on your last day after you've handed in yours and his response was to ask you to use the reception's pass for fear that you might duplicate his. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Then, there were the bosses that gave me the cold shoulder after receiving my resignation letter. Communicating to me only via email instead of face-to-face. It really left a bitter taste in the mouth but I suppose the few bad apples in the barrel tend to ruin the experience of the majority good. The farewell lunches and gifts did make me think twice about leaving but in the end, it was the right decision and I look forward to starting my new job in the new year.

So, while 2008 draws closer and closer to the end, I bid her sayonara and arigato for giving me the year that was.

Here's to having a fine oh nine. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have yourself a very merry Christmas!

Martin Place

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lebron James & Nicole Scherzinger

If only my girl shares the same enthusiasm for sneakers...

Friday, October 10, 2008


What a shocker of a week!

Got an email today about the craziness we're facing. I found it very amusing. I hope the meeting goes well in Washington.

OCTOBER 10th 2009 (Reuters) -- Police used tear gas and batons to break up a mob of angry unemployed stockbrokers in the heart of the financial district as the S&P/ASX 200 slumped through the 500 market to finish at 497.2.

The brokers were demonstrating outside of the Stock Exchange building in Bridge Street, demanding an audience with the recently elected chairman, Stan Wallis. When he failed to appear, the brokers began attacking the building and security staff with briefcases and what appeared to be rolled up social security forms.

With unemployment in the financial services industry hovering at nearly 90%, the Federal Government has ordered an inquiry into whether it is feasible to permanently retrain the growing army of brokers and other fallouts from the financial services industry.

"It is very difficult though," said a TAFE spokesman. "It does not appear that they have any useful skills - legal ones anyway - which may be redirected to more productive pursuits."

The government has already rejected a proposal that they be housed in the former Woomera detention centre on the grounds that they were worst behaved than the Afghan immigrants who caused so much strife around the turn of the century.

A retraining program at a farm near Cessnock in the Hunter Valley had to be abandoned after a group of jobless brokers went on a valley-wide chicken stealing spree after one broker started a market in chook feathers.

Brokers have become increasingly desperate as the equity market continues to slide and the war in Iraq enters its ninth year with little sign that US forces are making any progress. There was a brief 5-point rally in the market yesterday on news that George Bush had died, but it turned out to be George Bush Senior."

The oil price continues to hover at $US100 a barrel as Sydney motorists began to adjust to the second week of petrol rationing. Harbour commuters have also praised the introduction of oarsmen to the ferries, although some travellers on the Manly ferry are still grumbling about the 3-hour one way trip, especially during heavy swells.

Meanwhile, many online employment web sites were inundated yesterday on news that Merrill Morgan Suisse Warburg Barney, one of the three remaining brokerages, was planning to advertise for a receptionist's assistant. Bill Pettigrew at said brokers swamped his site and forced it off line for an hour. MMSWB later denied the rumour, and said they intended to continue with their recently announced program of staff cuts.

Anthony Pope a former client adviser at ABNAmroMorgans said the news "perked him up even though I knew it couldn't be true."

"I've been sitting on the lounge for the last 3 months watching the telly," he said," so it was good to hear that a job might be available. It's never too late to start at the bottom."

Pope was one of thousands purged when the Dutch financial services group contracted its global operations from 3,400 branches in 60 countries to head office in Amsterdam and a single branch in Utrecht in just a week.

Yesterday's tentative market rally soon petered out and the market closed near its lows. An ASX spokesman said the reduced trading hours (10.00-10.30am) appeared to be working well. Market leader Woodside Petroleum was up $1 to $386 and the No 2 stock Metal Storm lost 1¢ to finish at a split-adjusted 45¢. Turnover was slightly higher at 15 million shares.

Macquarie Bank entitlements traded up 0.2¢ to 2.3¢ as administrators finalised plans for the refloat of the restructured bank. The new Macquarie wraps up the former bank and 26 other listed Macquarie products into a single entity. It is expected to be capitalised at $12 million upon refloat and include $2 million in cash. Administrators also confirmed that shareholders in the former Macquarie Airports vehicle would receive a one-off payment of 1¢ in 2022 and a $10 rebate on an airline ticket, as long as it was to a regional destination.

AMP was up 1¢ to 14¢ after announcing that it had insured a dinghy - the first premium received since the write-downs and restructuring which reduced its capital base by 99.9%. Coles Myer was unchanged at 6¢ after announcing its fourth successive management change this month. Solomon Lew issued his 1000th press release attacking the board and again calling for urgent action.

Rio BHP Billcrest said it would have one mine left - a small gold mine - after closing most of its global mining operations. Its iron ore mines were recently sold to China to repay debt. The stock closed 1.2¢ lower at 23¢.

In other news, accounting officials said the News Corp liquidation would take many years, and there was little hope of any meaningful return for creditors. An Interpol alert has been issued for former chairman Rupert Murdoch who he is believed to be running a local newspaper in a southern province in China.

The Nikkei descended below 100 for the second time in a fortnight, and the Bank of Japan was again the main buyer of stocks. It issued another 725 trillion yen of government bonds, with a coupon of 0.00003% per annum and maturing when the sun finally sets on the Japanese empire.

Friday, October 03, 2008

The ungrateful.

Do you remember the huge favours that your family have done for you? The silent sacrifices that they’ve made to improve your life but you’re either too blind to take notice, too proud to thank them or just plain ungrateful.

If somebody recommended you a job when you couldn’t get a break, points out your weaknesses when you’re too blind to see and called in favours from their friends just for you, would you remember these deeds?

Do you remember how you got to this point in your life? Take away what we’ve done for you then, step back and tell me that you could have done better.

Now that you’ve got your life back on track, it seems that everything is forgotten. It seems that we were supposed to look out for you. Yes, you did not ask us to do anything for you but shouldn’t people that care for each other do so without being asked? Am I suppose to stand by and watch you fail when I know I can help? Am I suppose to turn a blind eye when I see you’re not doing something right? Have you ever done the same for us?

The appreciation you show your girlfriend and the willingness to please her more than anyone else in your life sickens us. You anticipate what she needs but you’ve never done so for us. You assume that we’ll always be there for you.

I’m tired. We’re tired. If you don’t know who’s got your back when you fall, you better not fall.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Phriday Photos

08.08.08 @ 8.08 pm (JYEAH!) deserves some awesome pics.

Some of my favourite kicks of all time from my favourite player of all time...


Bonus pic (excuse the crappy exposure. It was taken in haste)...


All retros.

I almost missed out on the racquet cos' I did not know that they reissued the Radical in honour of Agassi's retirement last year. So, when I stumbled onto them a few weeks back and saw that they were on sale, I had to pull the trigger. Apparently, in staying true to the preference of the future Hall of Famer, it comes complete with the rubber band dampener (which I took out cos' I didn't like the feel), the blue overgrip and an added detail of all the names and years of the Grand Slams he's won with Head. However, I gotta' admit that other than nostalgia and mine being numbered 3333 out of 5000, this racquet has little going for it. I still prefer my Titanium Changs over these.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008



When I was a wee little rascal, I used to hope and wish that I had super powers like the heroes in my comic books. I always thought that one day, my powers might manifest itself and I would use my ability for good and save humanity from its ails.

That day is NOW!!!

Nah, just kidding, but I can imagine if that actually came true. With my life at the moment, I don’t think I can cope. It might be cool initially but with the weight of expectation and the stress of dealing with my conscience, I just don't think I'm capable.

This thought came about when I asked a friend, who’s a real talent at what he does, about his career. I asked him what he’s doing in a company like his when much bigger and reputable companies have tried to coax him to join them for better incentives. His answer was simple yet puzzling. He said that he’s not ambitious and he values lifestyle more than money. I can relate to a point and asked him whether he realised what potential he has and if he’s ever thought that he’s wasting his gift. Again, a simple answer. It’s his life.

Now, just imagine that my friend is a doctor who, if he decides to realise his talent fully, would eradicate cancer forever. Isn’t it like being a superhero and using his power to save lives?

To deny or suppress your God given talent. Is that selfish?

Monday, July 28, 2008


Sonny Bill Williams

I think that all this animosity towards SBW is so hypocritical. SBW is a superstar of the NRL. He’s marketable and he’s good (ok, maybe a little overrated sometimes but hey, look at David Beckham). Can you blame anyone for getting their worth? I mean, if another big company thinks you’re worth more than you are currently on and are willing to give you an opportunity with them, wouldn’t you listen to what they have to offer?

Ok, so he’s still got 5 years or so left to go on his contract but what’s the fuss? Don’t tell me the club forgot to put a clause in the contract for a gazillion dollars if he decides to leave prematurely. If so, they should probably hire those lawyers that work on insurance policies. Even if the transfer fee is, say 2-3 times the current value of the player, wouldn’t the club stand to gain more by selling one good player and having enough cash to sign several cheaper stars or wait till another talent comes along? It's not like they're relying on a portion of the guy's jersey sales.

The head-honchos in the NRL need to walk into the players’ locker room after a game and take a deep breath. Hopefully that’ll knock some senses into them. As if they didn’t know that professional sports these days is a business. Look at all the major clubs or teams in professional sports. From Man U to the L.A Lakers, you pay big bucks to your stars even if you have to go into debt or pay luxury tax. Look at the current situation in Man U with another No. 7 (Ronaldo) considering a move to Madrid. I’d say 95% is motivated by moolah, the other 5% is miscellaneous and not necessary loyalty seeing that he did not come through the junior ranks. If you have a strict salary cap, you better pray that those leagues with no caps don’t come knocking. Or if they do, have a clause that reads, ‘player must watch Schindler’s List without falling asleep’ or something similar to that effect.

With agents and those standing to gain from a new deal being so close to these young athletes, they would be working overtime and using their experience to persuade them into leaving even if they’re thinking of doing otherwise.

I’m sure a lot of athletes are constantly under pressure with the possibility of being discarded like a used tampon when they’re not performing or injured when the transfer season opens. They would have heard from fellow team mates and friends of how unjust and cruel management can be sometimes in not seeking out their opinions or even informing them that they are being cut or moved. Life can be tough if you’re a has-been or a role player in professional sports. So, why not earn as much as they can in the 10 or so years they have? Who are we to say that SBW or anyone has no right in leaving a team? We drop a few coins for entry to the game and we think we own them?

Sad fact of life is Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Phriday Photos

World Youth Day: Sydney MMVIII

The vibe in the city is similar to when the Olympics was in town in 2000 only more religious. People from all over the world singing hymns in their mother tongue and plenty of smiles and greetings from strangers. It's such a pleasant change of pace from the steely blue working week.

The spectacular St. Mary's Cathedral:






The Rocks gets rocked:




The Premier of New South Wales:


Scenes from the road closures around the Central Business District:



So stoked that I caught the Pope mobile:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Phriday Photos

Iphone release.


The Stand Arcade


Wednesday, July 09, 2008


There's an obsession with assholes in the news at the moment. I mean, I know a lot of us think that some people are assholes figuratively speaking but claims that some assholes are interested in assholes literally? Cum on! If I had any input into this, I’d say the outcome would be shit for everyone involved. Don't these assholes know that the path less travelled doesn’t always guarantee a smooth run?

Sigh, why is it that whenever there’s a stink, they always blame the asshole.


For some reason, I cracked up laughing at this:

A terrorist runs into a pet shop...he puts a bomb on the counter and shouts "everyone has a minute to get out," A tortoise at the back shouts "You kharnt...!!"

Friday, July 04, 2008

Phriday Photos

Some snaps from the week that's been...




Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Team USA

2008 USA BASKETBALL TEAM Team USA (left to right): Coach Krzyzewski; Dwight Howard; Chris Bosh; Tayshaun Prince; Carlos Boozer; LeBron James; Carmelo Anthony; Kobe Bryant; Michael Redd; Jason Kidd; Dwyane Wade; Deron Williams and Chris Paul.

Courtesy of

I'm reluctant to call them yet another Dream Team after what happened to Team USA in their last few tournaments but hey, they've got KB24 this time around. It should prove interesting. I still think they're a bit small in the centre. Hopefully, they've studied the FIBA rule books cos' athleticism alone doesn't mean jack on the world stage...well, not unless you're the original Dream Team.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wimbledon 2008

She's out! Goooood riddance!

At this year's Wimbledon, she had a new outfit. Asked to comment on the new tuxedo inspired do, she said that she wanted something classy. Hello? That's like saying McEnroe collects art. Oh wait, he does! What is the world coming to?

I gotta' admit that she's a hottie. Ever since Kournikova left the tennis scene, the guys have been looking for a replacement. Along came Maria, athletic with long legs and a pretty face to match. When she first registered on my radar, I thought she was babelicious. That was until I saw her play. What a screamer! I have to say that it's more irritating than Seles (is she still around?). At least Seles wasn't out trying to prove that she's classy.

Anyway, Ana Ivanovic's my girl. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

WTF! #6

KOTA BARU: Muslims wearing the serban (turban) instead of crash helmets will not be booked until the Kelantan traffic police untangle a confusion over the interpretation of the related traffic regulation.

State police chief Senior Asst Commissioner (I) Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi said he had ordered a stop to the issuance of summonses pending a directive from Bukit Aman and possibly the Attorney-General.

He has referred the matter to Bukit Aman’s legal division to study the interpretation of serban in the current traffic ordinance.

SAC Abdul Rahim said this after handing over 102 Proton Waja vehicles to investigating officers from the narcotics, crime, commercial crime and traffic police departments.

He said the exemption was only for motorcyclists wearing the traditional serban and not other forms of headgear.

“Those wearing other than the strict version of serban will be booked,” he said.

In Ipoh, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said there should be no exceptions to the law.

Exempting those with serban from being summoned, he said, would give rise to others using it as an excuse not to wear helmets.

The confusion arose on Tuesday after Pasir Tumboh religious school student Ahmad Nasir Darus, 27, challenged a traffic summons issued for not wearing a crash helmet on Sept 20 last year in the magistrate's court.

His counsel Ahmad Rizal Effende Zainol cited a clause stating exemptions accorded to motorcyclists which covers those who are classified as “Haji, Hajjah, Lebai and Singh.”

Ahmad Rizal argued that motorcyclists wearing serban could be described as lebai (pious man). Souce:

Didn't know that the matter was even debatable. They must think that 'pious men' are immortals.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm too young for this shit...

Damn, I've been in pain for the past week. Excruciating pain. It came with no warning. Big toe's swollen and hurts whenever I move it. Docs say it might be gout. Fuck! At my age? Double damn. Waiting for my blood results to be sure but after reading up on the symptoms of gout, I think they're right. Ageing sux...

On a happier note, Tiger won in a thrilling playoff!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008




Monday, March 03, 2008


This article was in the Sydney Morning Herald today.

I might have touched on the subject of my religious beliefs or lack thereof in the past. It wasn’t always the case though. I attended Sunday school at a very young age and all through until the final couple of years of high school, I was educated in Christian schools, schools that did not permit the freedom of choice in participation of their religious practices and studies. I had to attend church on Sundays (I was in boarding school) and there were masses and bible studies built into the curriculum.

I experienced a lot of things in boarding school. It probably made me think a lot about being a Christian and what it means. I got into a lot of disagreements with the teachers and some students who were brought up in the church that ran the school on why some of them rely so much on what the head preacher says. There were many instances where this preacher would determine the career paths of the kids of the teachers in that school. There was one student that I remember vividly who said that he did not need to study because God will give him everything he needs. He was dead serious too.

I guess part of me envy those people that can leave everything in the hands of another person (or being) just like that. Christians call it faith but I’m still figuring out my relationship with the Big Fella.

I know a few friends that have such a strong relationship with their church that they donate most of their salary to them. A friend’s sister even severed her relationship with her family because they did not approve of her giving everything to this ‘church’. I’ve been to the ‘church’ that she goes to and I am still undecided on how I feel. On the one hand, it’s doing a fantastic job in bringing people together and giving the people hope and joy but on the other, these very people that founded the ‘church’ owns the massive land where the ‘church’ is situated, goes around in fancy cars, wears expensive suits and have huge homes in prime locations.

Is that fair? Is that right?

Seeing practises like these, I’ve closed myself up even more for the fear of being taken for a ride. I feel like I’m being systematically manipulated and that I can’t trust or confide in people that have a strong allegiance to one of these churches because they do prey on the vulnerable more often than not. Okay, maybe prey is too strong a word but I would love to ask the head of these 'churches' whether their riches are justified.

More often than not, the most sincere and dedicated people are the followers and not the big kahunas in these ‘churches’. All that energy and passion summoned up during the sermon at 8am, 10am and 5pm on Sundays, is that real? Is it me or is it more like theatre? Am I going for a good show?

That’s the part that confuses me and it contributed in me having a stand offish attitude to the popular and rich churches. I am more comfortable in the ones that do not have state-of-the-art sound systems with comfy seats and pastors who are not as charismatic.

Sometimes I really wish that I too can trust blindly and let everything go. It seemed so simple when I was a kid in Sunday school.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Hero and the Princess.

I thought it would be fitting that my first entry for 2008 be of something significant, something extraordinary and being blessed with a baby girl certainly qualifies. To try and put into words the emotional roller coaster that I had been in during the hours leading up to her birth is something I know I cannot do justice to.

The feeling of being a father for the first time is one of those things in life which nobody can prepare you for no matter how often you see it or hear about it. I strongly feel that it’s something you have to experience first hand. Being in that room with my wife and my soon-to-be delivered daughter is something very intimate and personal. It matured me quite a bit. Those waiting moments made me put things into perspective and to reassess my priorities and my life in general. I feel sorry for those dads that missed out on the birth of their child because it’s such an enriching and empowering experience.

I also felt the terrifying grip of fear followed by immense joy and love that reduced me to fairy floss.

The fear is for the well-being of my wife who had to endure the agony of contractions while battling fatigue from not having to sleep for close to 2 days. Feeling so helpless yet trying to keep a brave face and be strong and supportive for her at the same time is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.

The joy comes when the little angel looked up at us right after her birth - with the umbilical cord still attached - as she gives us that curious yet loving stare with those beautiful shiny eyes as if she knows that we love her with all our heart and understands that we are now a family. It was a priceless moment. I’ll never forget that as long as I live.

The love, oh man, the love I’m feeling is a kind of love that is so raw, so powerful and overwhelming that you’d die to protect and kill to defend. When I was an armchair critic about fatherhood, I used to shake my head at those dads that pamper their children rotten by buying them whatever they want and shielding them from anything that is difficult. I now know what a grip this kind of love can do to a dad and I hope that I can be strong enough to do what is right rather than what feels good.

After witnessing what my wife has gone through, I have gained tremendous respect for her, my Hero, the Rambo of our new family. And holding my Princess in my arms for the first time knowing that she is an extension of me, us, gave me goose bumps. Instead of being the head of the family, I feel that I am but a humble and willing servant, a guardian of this family and I will serve and protect until every ounce of my being is exhausted.

That I promise.

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