Friday, October 03, 2008

The ungrateful.

Do you remember the huge favours that your family have done for you? The silent sacrifices that they’ve made to improve your life but you’re either too blind to take notice, too proud to thank them or just plain ungrateful.

If somebody recommended you a job when you couldn’t get a break, points out your weaknesses when you’re too blind to see and called in favours from their friends just for you, would you remember these deeds?

Do you remember how you got to this point in your life? Take away what we’ve done for you then, step back and tell me that you could have done better.

Now that you’ve got your life back on track, it seems that everything is forgotten. It seems that we were supposed to look out for you. Yes, you did not ask us to do anything for you but shouldn’t people that care for each other do so without being asked? Am I suppose to stand by and watch you fail when I know I can help? Am I suppose to turn a blind eye when I see you’re not doing something right? Have you ever done the same for us?

The appreciation you show your girlfriend and the willingness to please her more than anyone else in your life sickens us. You anticipate what she needs but you’ve never done so for us. You assume that we’ll always be there for you.

I’m tired. We’re tired. If you don’t know who’s got your back when you fall, you better not fall.

1 comment:

zewt said...

wow... which ungrateful WH4 prick are you talking about here bro?

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