Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weekend #17, 2007.

Some snaps of the weekend. A little late but nonetheless...

Saturday morning:

Running and gunning with the boyz at 9 a.m. I felt really lethargic. I used to ball at night and I feel that my energy level's way better at night. Played ok though. At least I didn't get a black eye this time. Copped an elbow right in the left eye socket a few weeks back. By Tuesday, it was a real shiner. It looked like I got into a bar fight or something. I told my wife that if anybody asked, I was gonna' tell them I'm a victim of domestic abuse.

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Saturday arvo:

Walked passed a pet shop and saw some Pugs! We used to own one until somebody dog-napped Happy. They're a cute breed. Clumsy and silly but that's part of their charm. The black one looked really purrrrty.

How much is that doggy in the window?

AU$2,000 (RM$5,700)!!!

Nuts, considering Happy only cost us like RM$800 (AU$280). Their lame ass reason - it's a pure breed.

What are they? Nazis?

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Went to my first baptism. My cousin was getting baptised and I am honoured that she invited us.

The first thing that struck my wife and I were the colour of the gowns they(the people that were to be baptised) were wearing. We thought that black doesn't quite reflect the mood of joy or celebration and my wife was telling me that the ones that she's been to, they were all wearing white. Then, I saw this...

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Ok, maybe black is the most appropriate colour seeing that Asians are more conservative. Don't want it looking like a wet tee shirt contest now do we?

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zewt said...

is that your cousin? she looked pretty shaken up by the water... and yeah, why black?

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