Thursday, February 01, 2007

Heroes - Genesis

It was the premiere of 'Heroes' last night. After much anticipation thanks to the hype from an acquaintance in the US months before the series started, I thought it was nothing to shout about. They should have done a 2 hour movie-length premiere so the audience could at least relate to the characters more. I felt like they were rushing a lot of things through.

In terms of a series, it has that 'Lost' feel to it when the camera cuts to different characters to tell their stories. I'm so friggin' over 'Lost' now cos' they've been stringing me along for the past 2 seasons and I haven't seen shit yet. The directors or writers really have a knack of stretching the storyline to the max. It gets boring after a while.

Anyway, back to 'Heroes'. I am told that the series gets better after a slow start so I'm gonna' stick with it for a little while. At least there's one good reason to watch it. Her...

What can I say? I'm a sucker for blondes. Especially when they are s-s-s-smokin' hot!


the witch's broo said...

i dunno. I expected more from "Heroes". Didnt get that zing factor, you know.
Maybe, I was expecting too much cos of the hype.
Gotta watch it again. And get high.
it gets tougher and tougher to come up with something different.


flaminglambo said...

Hi witch's broo!

When did that premiere in K.L? You guys must be a few episodes ahead of us.

True dat. It's tough to find something on the telly that's worth plonking our royal asses down to watch. House is the most recent series that grabbed my ass. I mean, attention.

the witch's broo said...

it was on astro -- can't quite remember which channel.
yeah... house is, er er, different, for want of a better word.
hmmm....any smokin' blondes in House....let me think...
hey....thanks for dropping by.
come on over anytime.

zewt said...

Hey, lost is still a cool series. ya, have to say the writer is stretching the story line too much, but i still enjoy it very much.

as for heroes, i am going to wait till i downloaded (opps... piracy) the whole season cos i cant stand watching episode by episode.

cool blog bro...

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