Monday, February 19, 2007

Enter the Pig - Chinese New Year 2007

Hmmm...somehow the catchphrase is just not as cool as 'Enter the Dragon'.

So, it was Chinese New Year yesterday. I bummed around the house, balled a little and went to my in-laws for dinner. I know, riveting stuff this so, try and keep up.

Not having my parents here makes CNY just like any other day. For one, it’s not a public holiday. There’s no big feast, no festive music blaring in the shopping centres, no nothing. The 'feel' just ain't there. Sure there’re events like lion dances, dragon boat races and fire crackers going on in Chinatown but to me, the highlight of CNY is catching up with relatives to see how their year was like while we drink and feast like there is no tomorrow. It’s an excuse to come together at least once a year so the distant relatives that we don’t normally keep in touch with know that we still exist. It’s also good to see how much the little ones have grown, the budding forth generation on my mum’s side, while they remind me of the fossil that I am.

As a kid, I used to love the gatherings at my grandmother’s(God bless her soul) place. I still do. It was always full of laughter with some larger-than-life aunties and uncles creating the atmosphere. Come to think of it, the level of happiness is always directly proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed. I’d be playing with my cousins, eating all the usual delicacies, especially the superb festive dishes that my aunties and grandmother had prepared while people shower me with ang pows. Pure bliss.

The last time I celebrated CNY in K.L was probably 2 years ago. I think it’s about time I plan for another trip back to join the festivities. In the meantime, if I can just find a decent gambling den to remind me of home during CNY, I’d be happy. HOI TOI!!!

Happy Chinese New Year and take care on the roads.


zewt said...

hahaha... let's HOI TOI !!!

should have made a trip back during CNY... also, it's good to let the kids know what CNY is all about. and of cos... HOI TOI!

flaminglambo said...

Damn straight. ;)

the witch's broo said...

Coming back toKL for CNY --- mighty fine idea, flaminglambo...

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