Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WTF #4

I was browsing cyberspace for accommodation in Japan and came across the Dotonbori Hotel.

I'm not very fussy about Japanese Hotels because they're usually quite clean. The only things that matter to me is the size of the room and if there's a tv included. I've seen some rooms so small that it's called a closet in some countries.

So, they have a twin room with a pillar...

Here's the description:

Due to the building structure of the hotel,there is a pillar between the beds! We offer you this reasonable price to make up for the pillar. Perfect for businessmen who have to travel with your boss, or for couples who are quarrelling. Of course, it’s also for those who are attracted to the low price.

They also have a 'semi double room'...

Here's the marketing pitch...

Ideal for the active couple. Reasonal price.Both of you will feel comfortable in this room.

I like a hotel with a sense of humour. Now, let's see if they think it's funny when I check out with their tv set.

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