Friday, March 30, 2007


That's it!

The next person that asks me when we're gonna' have kids is getting it. I'm gonna' ask them when they're planning to have sex next and see how they like it.

Here's me being silly.

If my wife's family is my extended family and my family members are considered to be her family members and vice versa. Technically, isn't my wife like, y'know, my sister-in-law also which is like my sis?


Couldn't they come up with a better word than brother-in-law, parents-in-law, etcetera?


zewt said...

i tot you already have kids?

flaminglambo said...

What gave you that impression? Was it my toys? Well, those are mine. Hahahaha! Nah mate, no kids yet.

Hey, do you MSN? Mind dropping me your email so I can add you on my list? I'm no stalker or anything...not unless you want me to be...

Theodwyn said...

Hey, thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.. No real idea who you are, so I'll just assume you're another Malaysian blogger ;) I see zewt knows you... so you're probably safe lol... Will browse through the rest of your blog later today ;) Good luck with the children thing... hehehehehe

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