Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well, lecture 1 is in the bag.

It was a pretty good lecture. The pace was manageable and the environment was, well, cold at first but it was not because it’s the middle of winter. It was more to do with the bunch of stone faced lawyers in the class coming straight from work with their power suits still dripping with blood from the day’s toil. There weren’t many full-time students seeing that the course is pretty much catered for the working crowd but I certainly didn’t expect so many lawyers.

The lecturer was a bubbly young lady probably in her early thirties. I shall call her Berlei seeing that she kept adjusting her bra strap every few minutes. Berlei kept it light with her bad jokes but it certainly bought a few laughs for being so lame. I hope the other lecturer that we’re having for the second half of the semester is as cool.

There weren’t any chicks that made me do a double-take from scanning the room so I tried to refocus and lowered my standards a notch or two. Heck! I think I must’ve lowered it so much that it sunk to Hugh Grant’s Divine Brown standard. There were a couple of knockouts (bear in mind we’re talking about a whole new standard here). There was this Asian chick which looked alright considering that I could only see her side profile (I was referring to the face) and there was this tall and slim brunette. I think she’s either from South Africa or Eastern Europe. Maybe even Germany judging from the language she was speaking in. I can’t really tell what language it was but it involved a lot of hawking (Achtung baby!). She has a nice face but a really crooked neck… like a vulture.

As predicted the nerds were at the front row. Their textbooks were out and already tagged. There was this dude, probably in his mid-thirties, with gold rimmed glasses, scruffy hair and a really red complexion like he’s about to explode. There was no mistake that he was the king nerd (Urkel). Urkel stopped Berlei explaining the definition of ‘capital’ and ‘income’ to give us the story of the ‘tree’ and the ‘fruit’. I will never look at the words ‘capital’ and ‘income’ the same again. I guess he must have warmed up after this because he was murmuring answers whenever a question was asked. This guy could be the source of entertainment with the lack of hotties around. Who knows, there might be more stories forthcoming and I might actually learn something.

I think I’m gonna’ be just fine.


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