Friday, August 17, 2007

A second opinion.

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Here’s PART 1

Imagine a doctor telling you that there’s nothing he/she can do to save your father's life. How would you feel?

My colleague, Donna, was told just that. I can only imagine what she and her family must’ve felt. The helplessness and grief knowing that all they could do now is to make the remaining days as comfortable as possible for her father. But fortunately, the lack of compassion and patience showed in her doctor. If she wasn’t a total bitch, they never would have doubted her diagnosis.

Determined not to give up on her father and spurred on by the suspicion that the doctor was more interested in moving on to the next case instead of doing more tests, Donna sought a second opinion.

This very well saved her father’s life.

After running a few more tests, the other doctor was able to diagnose the problem. A course of chemotherapy ensued that got rid of the cancer. He's in recovery now.

BOOM! A new lease on life from a certain death sentence if Donna and her family had heeded the initial doctor's advice. And get this, the bitch actually had the audacity to get upset when Donna told her that she was going to get a second opinion. She went on to say that the tests the second doctor recommended was a waste of time!

Anyway, the bitch who is situated across the retirement village, which Donna’s father resides, sees a lot of patients that live in the village. In fact, when there is an emergency, the caretakers would seek the help of this doctor due to her proximity.

If the way she treated Donna’s father is anything to go by, God knows how many patients she’s murdered. Maybe she’s given up on them because they’re old, maybe she’s incompetent or maybe she’s just got an attitude problem. I don’t know but whatever it is, don’t fool yourself into thinking that every doctor is like Gregory House or the doctors in ER or Grey’s Anatomy that cries when a patient dies or stays up for days exhausting every possible option for every single patient. If you shop around to get the cheapest quote on your mobile phone, do yourself a favour and get a second opinion on a matter of life and death.

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zewt said...

i guess she is like a judge too eh... passing death sentence to ppl almost everyday...

oh yeah, i know how it feels when a doctor tells me "mo tuch kau"... i still remember how it felt.

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