Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CL: Man U v Milan

I haven’t watched a full football match on tv for a while. The last time I watched Man U play a full game, van Nistelrooy was still around. SBS, a local tv station here, used to show a live Premiership game in the wee hours of Sunday which I would stay up for but ever since Pay TV won the rights to air them, I’ve lost touch with English football.

Then yesterday, I caught wind that Man U was playing Milan this morning in the Champions League semi final and seeing that today is a public holiday (ANZac Day), it got the juices firing to get up at 4.30am for it.


I was totally glued to the tv. Getting to see the young guns like Ronaldo, Rooney and Kaka in action was relatively new to me. The last time I watched them play was at the last World Cup. I remember Ronaldo being a ball hogger then, with people screaming, 'PASS THE FUCKING BALL!!!' when I watched Portugal play in a public arena. Now, he’s still a ball hogger but much better at it I reckon. It’s amazing to watch him blow by 3 defenders with ease but I'm sure that everytime he loses it by trying to dribble pass the entire defence and midfield line-up, somebody in the stadium would have yelled out THAT phrase. They should really make a tee shirt out of it. The thing that capped the night was seeing the players from the United of my era play. Giggs and Scholes were still doing what they do best.

The funny thing was, when the scores were locked at 2-2, I kinda’ had a feeling that Man U was going to steal it cos’ they have a knack for doing that in big games. It reminded me of the United of old when they had Sheringham, Beckham, Cole and Yorke. That team pulled off some miracle finishes. The performance this morning was certainly reminiscent of vintage United. Ferguson really is a genius and a legendary coach. He's proven time and again that he doesn't need a team full of superstars to win matches.

3-2 United. To Milan and then, the finals.

Glory, glory Man United...


zewt said...

you're a devil too!!! cheers man!!! hahaha... giggs is the only fella left who is a first choice ler.... and i dont think solskjaer can still pull the trick.

anyway... i think it will be tough at the san siro... sigh, was a total zombie at work today.

flaminglambo said...

Yeah, used to love watching them play but nowadays, I don't get the chance anymore. I wish I had the equivalent of Astro here.

I don't think I can get up to watch the CL at 4.30am on a work day. Gotta' respect you for you commitment to the team. Hahaha!

Have faith man. They WILL make it to Athens. Now, if only I can hire someone to spike Kaka's drink...

zewt said...

man... i may be moving to melbourne next year... u know... things here aint good... means i cant watch anymore... sigh.

flaminglambo said...

Melbourne? Cool, do let me know so I can put you on my list of people to visit when I'm there.

Don't worry man, Melbourne is packed with Malaysians. I'm sure you'll find somebody with Pay TV.

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