Thursday, September 03, 2009

Be careful what you wish for.

Two-oh-oh-nine is now more than 60% lighter and it feels like only a sneeze ago that I started my new job.

They say time flies when you're having fun...or when it's so busy that you don't have time to fix a wedgie. One which I've had since January. Now, imagine my discomfort.

When I left my old job, I was looking forward to the challenges that accompanied the perquisites of my new job. In fact, I was pumped! Bigger company, nicer offices and equipment, great training and more people to interact with, what's not to look forward to right?

Well, the title of this entry probably reflects my sentiment.

The politics (BS in real speak) I've had to deal with so far is incredible. People covering their asses when things go slightly off track, the two - no, multiple faced characters that can be your best friend one minute and stab you with anything that they can grab hold off the next. There are no loyalties, it's everyone for themselves! And people gossip here like their lives depended on it. Apparently, depending on who you talk to, everyone is sleeping with somebody in the office.

Heck, I've worked in organisations that are larger than this in previous postings and I didn't have to deal with so much BS there. Personally, I find that it shows a lot about a person's character if they admit to a fuckup and fix it rather than blaming someone or everyone other than themselves and nothing gets done.

Experiences in life can open one's eyes and if one is submersed in an environment long enough, I believe it will definitely affect them somewhat if left unchecked.

The question I have been asking myself is - do I stay true to myself or do I want to play the game and be bent and molded into somebody that has so many layers that you cannot tell who you're dealing with?

There are 3 options for me. 1) Rise up and take the high road, focusing on what is right 2) Be a Swiss cheese and stay neutral or 3) Go with the flow.

I've been struggling with this question more so in the past couple of months than ever before trying to figure this out to get things done but mainly to reevaluate myself and who I want to be.

I am proud to say I've thought it through and I'm going to do what blue eyes did - I'm doing it my way.


zewt said...

are they mostly gwai-los? or cheener?

flaminglambo said...

Hi zewt. They are ang mohs.

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