Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh my creaking body.

Ten years ago, I'd put on my sneakers, grab my racquet/ball and run or ride my bmx to the courts. Now, I have to pack the voltaren and depending what sport I'm playing, the ankle guard, knee guard, elbow guard, compression shorts and singlet and just for good measure, the number for the ambulance on speed dial.

Ten years ago, warm ups were a waste of time. We'd get to the courts and go all out instantly. Now, if I wanted to walk the next day, even warm downs are a must let alone warm ups.

Ten years ago, I'd come home after 4 hours of chasing a ball and go about the rest of the day with plenty of energy. Now, I have to ice the knees and elbows and stretch so that I can get out of bed without the help of a forklift the next day.

Ten years ago, rice had only one meaning and that is food. Now, rice is rest, ice, compression and elevation.

Gotta' love ageing.


zewt said...

i can truly testify to this!

JessicaBrittle said...


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