Friday, August 04, 2006

The Shadow.

It was a friggin cold and windy winter morning. I was walking from the train station to the office with the cold wind blowing against me. My nuts were shrinking fast. Pretty soon, my face was starting to feel numb and I started to shiver. So, I decided to tail this guy about half an arm's length back so that he would act as a wind shield. I honestly didn't realise that I was that close to him but I guess I was too distracted in trying to get out of the chilly wind gusts.

After about a block, I was still behind him as we crossed a set of traffic lights and made a left turn. I was starting to feel fortunate that he was going in my direction when I noticed that he kept turning to his side. I soon realised that he was doing this to check if I was still there with his peripheral vision. He must have sensed that I was there for a while and I could see him trying to stretch his eyeballs at my direction to get a good look at me instead of turning his torso. About another half a block in, I was still shadowing him but he started to slow down, and because he was such a good shield, I didn't realise that I had slowed with him.

He must have been really nervous because after tailing him for nearly 2 blocks, he came to a complete stop and started to turn around. As he was turning, I could see him trying to bring out the words he wanted to say to me but I had already started to make my way towards the revolving door of my building. From my peripheral vision, I could make out that he was just standing there looking at me dumbfounded with his mouth opened. I resisted laughing when I realised what I'd done and how freaky it would have been if I was in his shoes. I can't believe how impeccable the timing was. Just when he had had enough and wanted to confront me, I was at my destination and moving away from him before he could even finish turning around.

The Shadow lives to strike another cold and windy winter day...

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