Friday, October 05, 2007

The Beast.

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Looks like the Hummers have arrived Down Under. I saw the limo parked outside a hotel here in the CBD, presumably to attract attention. Well, it did just that with many stopping to have a perve.

400 pre-sold H3s are being delivered to their owners around the country this week. I like Hummers but I don't get their practicability. The interior of the H1 is top notch but with it taking close to 2 lanes on the road, it's going to be a major pain in the buttocks driving around. People will be hurling abuse and it's guaranteed to get keyed if it was to be parked in a shopping mall.

The H3 is retailing for around AU$60,000 for the luxury model. It ain't that bad but I don't even want to think about the fuel cost and maintenance for these babies.


Maverick SM said...

A60,000 for H3s? That's pretty cheap?

flaminglambo said...

Hahaha! They're probably get you when you go in for service. Grrrrr!

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